PP Layer Pad

Carton Plast pads are the most efficient technique for transporting empty cans, containers and bottles filled in the food and beverage industry and glass containers. They are also known as laminated pads, separating sheets or separating sheets, which in comparison It is very hygienic and durable with cardboard or fiberboard, which gives the buyer a smooth, clean surface with a long life.

Other features include light weight and easy transportation, cheap price and recyclability of Carton Plast, compatible with pallet dimensions (easily shrinkable) and washability.

At the customer’s request, the sides will be sewn to prevent water or any liquids from entering during washing.


Carton Plast MDF cover

MDF cover : Carton Plast sheets can be used as a cover on MDF, which in addition to protecting the material against climatic factors in transport and prevent the sheets from being hit and worn on top of each other.

On the other hand, with the ability to print 4 colors, it will play an important role in companies’ advertisements along the transportation route.

کاور ام دی اف
کاور ام دی اف
کاور ام دی اف