Iran CartonPlast Industrial Group

The largest source of purchase and price of CartonPlast in Iran is Iran CartonPlast Industrial Group. We have the largest factory of CartonPlast conversion products in our country. These products are known as green industry in the world due to their non-destructive effects on the environment. Our products are produced with thicknesses of 2-12 mm and different grammage, and the main product is produced in two forms of rolls and sheets, which has basic applications in different industries.Rolls are mostly used in construction and agriculture industries. As in industrial sheds and poultry farms, greenhouses can be used as roofing and in greenhouses in addition to roofing can be used as a substrate.The applications of Plast sheet in various industries are widespread, so that Plast sheet is used in the production and manufacture of various packaging boxes for products, as well as export fruit boxes, store stands, advertising stands and many other products.

Export fruit boxes Unlike plastic baskets, which use more waste in their production and have many health problems for fruit packaging. Therefore, most countries pay special attention to the type of fruit and citrus packaging for fruit import, and most of the time they prevent the import of fruit with undesirable packaging.

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Why do our customers choose to buy CartonPlast ?

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Creative Designs


PP Corrugated Sheet

The product consists of two completely flat sheets of plastic that are connected by parallel columns made of plastic. The raw materials required for the production of carton plast are mainly polypropylene (PP) with the chemical formula – [CH2-CH (CH3)] n– and a small amount of carbonate. Unfortunately, in some cases, it has been observed that some factories that do not respect the rights of their customers, use large amounts of carbonate in their products to compete unprofessionally in reducing prices, so this causes a sharp decline in the quality of products of such manufacturers.

Iran Carton Plast factory with 18 years of experience in this industry has proven that it will not trade the rights of its customers with any profit.

Polypropylene materials required by factories, are mostly supplied by petrochemicals that supply materials on the stock exchange. But due to the amount of order or the inability to buy at the moment in the stock market and the competitive environment, sometimes factories have to procure their raw materials from the free market at a higher rate. With all these descriptions, in order to have a clear vision of our products and to be able to easily visualize it in your mind, carton plast is similar to cardboard cartons, with the difference that instead of cardboard, these cartons are made of polypropylene materials and features thus It has more advantages than cardboard cartons.

CartonPlast can be produced in thickness of 2 mm to 12 mm and in different grammage.

Carton Plast factories in Iran

Due to the fact that this industry has recently started to work in Iran, there are not many factories in our country, but there are producers in Isfahan, Rasht, Qom and Kashan. However, Iran Carton Plast factory, having the largest amount of production in Iran, it could be responsive to all requirements of different cities in Iran and sell its products at the best prices in other cities such as Tehran, Mashhad, Karaj, Isfahan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Shiraz through the network. Representation and direct sale from the city of Urmia to serve our dear compatriots.

Shopping centers

According to the fact that it is not possible to produce for small quantity orders, so a number of customers who have low consumption always have the question of where to get the Carton Plast they need. IN response to these dear consumers, our colleagues in the sales department try to announce the addresses of the agencies and centers for buying and selling plastic sheets in the desired city. For example, Sheet Plast retail centers in Tehran are Pamenar and Tehransar district.

But customers who buy Sheet Plast in major shopping can buy their desired product directly from the factory office, and our partners in the sales department will definitely do their best to satisfy you in terms of price and quality.

The price of carton plast stands and its types

To determine the price of Carton Plast stand, there are some points besides determine the price of Carton Plast stand, but in general and in one opinion, we can say that the price of stands and especially the price of Carton Plast stand are very low and economical.

On the other hand, they are also very suitable for advertising. Today, by paying a lot of money to advertise products, since the price of carton plast stands is very low, you can make the right and very affordable choice by choosing these stands.

Features that change the price of Carton Plast stand and make a difference between the price of one stand and other stands are :

  • Washable
  • Type of design
  • The advertising ability and capability
  • The type of material used in stands
  • Insulation and fire resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Resistance
  • And etc.…
  • Which determine the price of Carton Plast stands

PP Hollow Sheet

Sheets have more uses than Carton Plast rolls, and there is almost no industry that does not use plastic sheets, known as Sheet Plast. They are produced in thicknesses of 2 mm to 12 mm with different grammages.

For the reason that Carton Plast sheets can be easily cut and there are different ways to connect the cut parts of Carton Plast to each other, it includes a wide range of usages, and depending on the creativity used, different products can be used or made. The products that are made in our factory, are called Carton Plast conversion products.

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Carton Plast rolls

Carton Plast roll is one of the products that is produced by modern machines in Iran Carton Plast factory and due to its unique quality, it is considered by domestic and foreign markets.

These rolls are usually used in cases such as Silo roof, floors, formwork for concrete, greenhouse cultivation bed, molding for silicone containers and coating of wire and cable pulleys. Of course, plastic rolls have other uses as well. And we have mentioned the most common of them here.

These rolls are usually produced in thicknesses of 2 mm to 4 mm and grammage of 290 to 900 g.

 PP Corrugated Sheet Conversion Products 

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Display Stands 

Today, the word stand may not be as unfamiliar to our ears as in the past, and we have seen different types of them daily at home or at work, such as flower vase stand, TV stand

But in the field of advertising and booth design, we call it a device that can stand without the need for a support.

These stands are commonly used to introduce and show products in exhibitions and department stores and waiting halls of airports and train and subway terminals.

Stands made of Carton Plast are divided into three categories according to the role they play: shelf stands or the same as store stands, advertising stands or cut stands, and finally desk stands.

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Advertising Placards

Advertising placards made of Plast sheet and named by people with different names due to the print design that is placed on it.

Advertising placards have various uses, including their use in aggregations and marches, which are used to convey a specific message or slogan. Another widely used advertising placard of Carton Plast is its use for election campaigns of different candidates and it has been used for many years due to its waterproofness and high resistance.

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With the Sheet Plast in the packaging craft, which caused a amazing change in this industry, and we can safely say that packaging with Carton Plast has given a lot of value to products that have used this type of packaging.

Packaging boxes made of Sheet Plast have two differences from other packaging, one is that they are very resistant to shocks and physical stress and the other is that liquids cannot infiltrate to this type of packaging.

The following are the most important and widely used packaging boxes produced by Iran Carton Plast factory:

  • Exquisite and beautiful gift boxes
  • fishery packaging
  • Appliance packaging
  • Stone and tile packaging
  • Packing of valves and construction supplies
  • Packaging of all kinds of food and health
  • Box of medicine and ampoules

Frequently Asked Questions

Carton Plast is made of polypropylene (PP) petrochemicals with the chemical formula – [CH2-CH (CH3)] n– and by extrusion method.

Carton Plast is used in most industries: agriculture, automotive, construction, advertising, packaging due to its easy formability, high mangrove and reasonable price.

Iran Carton Plast Industrial Group is the largest producer of Carton Plast in Iran and has been established in Phase 2 Industrial Town of Urmia.