About Iran CartonPlast Factory 

Iran Carton Plast factory started its activity in 2002 with the import of one of the best machines for the production of propylene sheets (Carton Plast) in a land area of ​​18,000 meters located in the industrial town of Phase 2 of Urmia. Iran Carton Plast factory consists of independent units such as research and development, quality control, design and marketing, die cutting, printing and granulation. Carton Plast production industry is known as a green industry due to its non-destructive effects on the environment and is used in various industries such as construction, packaging, automotive, home appliances, agriculture, and recycling.

Iran Carton Plast factory in 2006, relying on the knowledge and expertise of the people of this region, succeeded in obtaining the international quality certification of Carton Plast products.

Over time, the demand for Iran Carton Plast products in domestic and foreign markets was increasing day by day, and with no reason that in all these years, Iran Carton factory with the supply of quality products and at the same time with reasonable pricing compared to domestic and foreign products, it was able to satisfy its dear customers.

Iran Carton Plast factory to meet the needs of customers and timely delivery of orders of beloved customers and special goals for its sales department since 2015 till now, has imported 5 of the best machines in the field of production of Carton Plast products from Italy. It is currently known as Carton Plast as the largest source of sales and pricing in the Middle East, with the most up-to-date machinery and the best technology in this field.

Carton Plast has many features that among all these features, lightness – waterproof and recyclability, distinguish products made from Carton Plast.

  • Examples of products that are currently produced by Iran Carton Plast Industrial Group and offered to domestic and foreign markets:
  • Carton plast sheet with thicknesses of 2 mm to 12 mm
  • Carton plast rolls of 50 and 100 meters in thicknesses of 2 mm to 4 mm
  • Exquisite packaging boxes of Iran Carton Plast for packaging all kinds of products (including construction, home appliances, food and health products, etc.)
  • Production of boxes and cartons of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Production of all kinds of store and advertising stands with 4 to 8 color printing
  • Production of all types of Carton Plast cut stands
  • Advertising and election placards
  • Cultivation bed and greenhouse drainage
  • Wall coverings and floor coverings in various colors and thicknesses
  • Roof covering of industrial and sanitary sheds
  • Roof cover for poultry and livestock

Dear customers, for consulting and purchasing Iran Carton Plast products, you can contact us in the following ways.

Factory phone:  +98 44 33745145 – 7

Direct sales manager phone: +98 912 466 6313

Email: info@irancartonplast.com


Familiarity with different parts of Iran Carton Plast factory

  • Zund printing machine (Zund):

This machine has the ability to print four colors on a variety of surfaces, including stone, wood, glass, metal, plastic, etc., which is used to make and send a variety of printed designs to esteemed customers.

Iran Carton Plast’s 4 color printing machine

  • Thieme printing machine:

This machine has the ability to print monochrome to four-color designs in high circulations with the desired printing speed (1200 sheets per hour) and excellent quality; And the dimensions of the printing surface can be changed up to a maximum length and width (215 × 165) cm.

Iran Carton Plast’s 4 color printing machine

  • Die cut machine (G.rabolini):

Rabolini fully automatic machine has the ability to die cut 4000 sheets per hour, which can also die cut a variety of polypropylene talc and sheets or PVCs.

Iran Carton Plast’s 4 color printing machine

  • Grinder machine:

This machine is used for milling the wastage of sheets.

  • Granule making machine:

It is used to recycle swarf of carton plast and turn them into granules.

Iran Carton Plast factory

  • Extruder:

The uses of this machine are melting and granulation composition of raw materials (pp).