Carton plast sheet (inflexible and non-flammable carton)

You may have seen carton plast sheets many times in places like fruit shops as fruit boxes or fruit separators or in the form of desk or advertising stands. In this article, we will fully discuss carton plast sheet and its material, dimensions and features.

What is carton plast Sheet?

Carton plast sheet is a kind of inflexible carton that has a very high strength. They are known by other names in the market such as corrugated, plastic sheet, plastic sheet. The use of this carton can be seen in various industries, including: in the industry of category, printing and advertising, buildings, home appliances, replicas, interior architecture, horticulture, sheds, molding, automotive, and agriculture. The use of carton plast sheets in each of the above industries will bring many benefits. In the following, we will discuss the features of carton plast sheet

Carton Plast roll price list

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What material is carton plast sheet made of ?

Carton plast sheets are generally made of a material called polypropylene. Polyprotein is a substance composed of petrochemical raw materials that is 100% recyclable and does not harm nature. Of course, it is worth mentioning that sheet plast, which is a kind of carton plast, is produced from extrusion material. In this method, two outer flat sheets (called film) are connected in parallel by narrow vertical plates.

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What are the types of carton plast sheets?

There are different types of carton plast sheets. What separates Plast carton sheets are factors such as material, thickness, dimensions, colors and weight of carton plast sheets.

Carton plast sheet can be made from polypropylene or other materials. They are available in thicknesses of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8- and 10-mm. Carton plast sheet is produced in different dimensions and weights. These sheets also have different colors, such as: white, blue, orange, black, green, gray and red. By combining each of these factors, a specific type of carton plast sheet is obtained. According to these factors, each square meter of carton plast sheet will have a different price. From Carton Plast sheets, they produce various products such as Carton Plast pad, pallet box, advertising stand, desk stand and store stand. Carton Plast pad is used in storing goods, picking goods regularly in workshops and factories. Pallet boxes products are for easier transportation and better movement of goods between production units. Advertising stands include sheets and bases made of carton plast on which advertising designs are printed.

Desk stands to promote new products such as CDs, chewing gum and… are offered in the counters and cash registers of stores and pharmacies. Store stands are used for products such as foods such as chocolate, chips and…

What are the dimensions of carton plat sheet?

Dimensions or the same width and length of carton plast sheet can be varied. In addition to the dimensions, the thickness of the carton plast sheet can also vary. It is provided in sheets or rolls. The buyer should consider the dimensions, weight, thickness and price of different types of carton plast according to the uses he/she expects from carton plast and then order his/her carton plast sheet.

What are the features of Carton Plast ?

Carton Plast has unique features that set it apart from other cartons.

  • Carton plast sheet is environmentally friendly and recyclable and its production prevents further cutting of trees.
  • Carton plast sheet has a high coefficient of resistance against physical and chemical factors such as high weight.
  • One of the features of carton plast sheet is its use as sound, moisture and heat insulation.
  • Carton plast sheet can be easily washed with detergent without any negative impact or damage to it.
  • Carton plast sheet is flexible and will retain its flexibility in the long run if it is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Carton plast sheet is very hygienic and non-toxic and does not pose any danger to human’s health and can be used for food and medicine packaging.
  • Carton plast sheets are very light and weigh one-sixth the size of glass. Easy to carry Plast carton sheet, its use is very simple.
  • Carton plast sheets are printable. The method used for printing on it is silk screen, which has a high durability; For this reason, these sheets are used in the manufacture of billboards and advertising or desktop stands.
  • Carton plast sheets are odorless, waterproof and moisture-proof. These sheets do not absorb odors.
  • Carton plast sheets are very easy to cut and can be attached with glue, staples and…
  • Carton plast sheet is resistant to climate change. It can withstand negative temperatures of 30 to 80 degrees Celsius.
  • One of the most important features of carton plast sheets is that they are non-flammable. In the event of an accident, the sheets do not catch fire, but melt. This special feature prevents the spread of fire.
  • In some types of carton plast sheets, special materials are used in their construction that prevent the passage of ultraviolet rays and create a high resistance to sunlight.

To buy carton plast sheet and benefit from its unique features in your industry, you can refer to the market or easily find its dimensions, material, price and features through internet sites, and compare with a reliable purchase and have a great time.

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Carton Plast Price

The price of Carton Plast depends on the type of product and the price of petrochemical materials. Iran Carton Plast Industrial Group is the reference for pricing sheets and rolls of Carton Plast in Iran and we always try to provide the best quality with the most appropriate price to our dear customers.

At Iran Carton Plast Industrial Group, we believe that we do not sacrifice quality for price and we do not try to produce low quality products due to competition over price.

What has made our activity clean and continuous in the last 17 years has been the accuracy in product quality and the use of quality raw materials in the production of Plast cartons.

Iran Carton Plast Industrial Group delivers products to the customer that ensures its quality and durability.

Due to the pre-prepared price changes in petrochemical products, please call 09124666313 and 09124633243 or receive the updated price through WhatsApp.

Price calculation method :

As we explained in the article (What is Carton Plast?), Polypropylene materials are used in the production of Carton Plast. Polypropylene materials are produced by petrochemicals and petrochemicals supply these materials to buyers in kilograms. The price of one kilogram of carton plast is equal to the price of one kilogram of ingredients plus production costs.

Considering that Carton Plast is used in meters, usually consumers like to know what the price of carton plast is in meters. In order to be able to calculate the price of one square meter of Carton Plast, it is enough to know the grammage of our product. In fact, the concept of grammage is how much one square meter of carton plast weighs.


When it is said that 3mm carton plast with 400 grammage, it means that a 1 meter by 1-meter sheet of this carton plast weighs 400 grams. Now, if the price of carton plast is 12 thousand Tomans per kilogram, in other words, each gram is 12 Tomans, and if we multiply 400 by 12 Tomans, it becomes 4800 Tomans.

Due to the pre-prepared price changes in petrochemical products, please call 09124666313 and 09124633243 or receive the updated price through WhatsApp.

Carton plast sheet price list

The feature of carton plast sheet has increased the purchase value of this product compared to similar products. Receive the price of the sheet as a downloadable file of the price-list-sheet

Price of carton plast box

The use of cardboard boxes has decreased significantly due to the fact that cardboard is used in the production of this type of box and a large number of trees need to be cut down to produce cardboard. Because cutting down any tree causes a lot of damage to the environment.

Due to this issue, the fans of boxes made of Carton Plast sheet are added daily and our designers in Iran Carton Plast Industrial Group have designed and prepared beautiful and exquisite boxes for packaging products of different industries. The price of each box varies based on the dimensions of the sheet used, and you can contact the sales department of Iran Carton Plast factory to inquire about the best price.

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