Carton plast features

Carton Plast is a product of Iran Carton Plast factory which is produced from polypropylene materials by extrusion method and has the following characteristics:

کارتن پلاست
  • Lightness

Base on the structure of carton plast, this product has a low weight. Its weight is one-sixth of glass and one-third of acrylic. This unique feature has made carton plast sheets and rolls widely used in various industries nowadays.

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وزن سبک کارتن پلاست
  • Flexibility

The flexibility of Carton Plast is due to its lightness as well as the use of raw materials of the main grade polypropylene in the structure of the product, which makes the sheets and rolls have high flexibility and can be arched in the longitudinal and transverse directions, but to prevent the flute from bending, it is better to twist it in the longitudinal direction.

انعطاف پذیری
  • Different types of colors

Another feature of Carton Plast is its wide color spectrum. This color variation is the result of using color masterbatches during the production of this product.

رنگ های کارتن پلاست
  • High pressure tolerance

If you pay attention to the structure of carton plast, you can clearly see the columns that connect the top and bottom sheets.

The high number of these columns per unit area as well as their proximity to each other has made the sheet plast highly resistant to external pressures, and this has made the boxes and packages of Sheet Plast have good resistance against external pressures.

استحکام کارتن پلاست
  • Washable

Most of the plastic base products are washable and Carton Plast is no exception and this product can be easily cleaned with water and detergent and will not have any harmful effect.

  • Non-toxic

No toxic substances have been used in the production of carton plasts and these sheets do not pose any danger to human health.

They can also be used for food packaging. But for food and medicine packaging, it must be disinfected by one of the sterilization methods before packing and placing the box products.

  • Odorless

According to people’s beliefs that plastic materials always have a bad smell, but this belief originates from the fact that sometimes plastic products have a bad smell due to the use of second-hand and recycled materials.

But in the production of carton plast, we use new and quality raw materials that, in addition to not having a bad smell, are also completely hygienic.

  • Printability

Carton plast printing is one of the reasons for the popularity of this product among consumers. Due to the polished and smooth surface, it is easy to print on plastic sheet. Methods that can be selected for printing on carton plast.

The methods of printing are Silkscreen printing and digital printing. We use corona to ensure that the print has high quality and the printed design is not ripped off.

  • Easy cutting capability

Due to the fact that carton plast has unparalleled strength and durability, however, contrary to expectations, it can be easily cut and the sheets and rolls of carton plast can be easily cut with a blade and brought to desired shape and design.

But in Iran Carton Plast factory, fully automatic machines are used to make products such as shop and advertising stands or packaging boxes and fruit boxes for more precise and regular cuts.

Also, according to the customer’s custom design, we use staples, hot glue, plastic welding and other safe methods to connect the cut parts.

  • Maintain basic flexibility

As mentioned above, Carton Plast has a high flexibility during production and this flexibility in this product will not be lost until it is exposed to direct sunlight and will retain its softness completely as before.

  • Unflammable

Maybe you are one of the people who are surprised to hear this and say that products made of polypropylene are not flammable and we have always seen the burning of plastic products.

Yes, you are right. If the customer needs non-flammable product, Iran carton plast factory uses anti-fire masterbatch in the production process of its product so that the produced product becomes non-flammable and only melts against heat and reduces the risk of fire.

  • Resistance to impact and crushing

According to the description of row 4 about the strength of carton plast for the same reasons, the resistance of this product against impact and crushing will be very high, and this feature can be used to make the necessary benefit in making carton plast.

  • Chemical resistant

Almost all products made of polypropylene materials have ideal resistance to chemicals, and products made in Iran Carton Plast are no exception to this rule.

  • Heat insulator

Carton plast due to its “H” structure prevents the loss of heat or cold environment and can be used as insulation, so in the construction industry this product has many applications to prevent energy loss.

  • Moisture insulation

Carton plasts completely prevent the infiltrate of water and moisture. Therefore, they are widely used in greenhouses, swimming pools.

  • Sound insulation

Due to the network structure of this product and the presence of air inside its plates, in addition to thermal insulation, it can be used as sound insulation and these plastic cards can be used to isolate the ambient sounds.

  • UV insulation

According to the customer’s order, special materials are used in the production of this product, which prevents the passage of ultraviolet rays of the sun and greatly increases the resistance of this product to sunlight.

  • Recyclable

This product is completely recyclable.

  • Has International standard

This product is completely made with standard materials approved by the FDA (US Department of Health)

  • Separator

This product can be used as a classification in longitudinal classes.

  • Transparency

Another feature of Carton Plast products is that by adding nuclear core batch, the transparency of polypropylene can be increased through molecular organization during the process, and the demand of customers who want transparent plastic sheets can be met.

  • Antistatic

Another feature that can be provided in the production of carton plast at the request of the customer is the production of products with antistatic properties to prevent static electricity and dust absorption on the product surface.

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usages of CartonPlast :

  • Production of carton plast boxes for packing goods and products
  • Fruit box for packaging and distribution of fruits
  • Carton Plast stands, including advertising and store stands (cut stands and desk stands)
  • Production of roll plast in various thicknesses and colors for use as roofing of industrial sheds and poultry and livestock halls
  • Production of Roll Plast as a greenhouse bed and greenhouse roof covering
  • Making a mailbox
  • Use for student projects in schools
  • Build a pet house
  • Carton plast pad and pallet box
  • Use as a divider

In different manufacturing industries, the need for arranging and palletizing manufactured products in the warehouse is one of the most important and necessary tasks.

In some factories and productions, when arranging products on pallets, sheets are used as dividers between the rows of each arrangement. For example, in factories that produce glass containers such as glasses or jam containers, due to their shape and structure, it is practically impossible to put and palletize them together.

When arranging on the pallet, after the first layer that was placed on the pallet, a sheet is placed on these dishes and the second-row dishes are placed on it. In this way, it is possible to arrange the glasses and dishes on top of each other.

Advantages of Carton Plast Divider

Carton Plast divider due to its resistant and waterproof structure is much more preferable to items such as cellulose and carton dividers. The thickness of these dividers is usually 2 to 4 mm and depending on the customer’s order can have grammage from 400 g to 700 g, for this purpose. The stiffness and strength of these sheets make the rows have no contact with each other.

The standard dimensions of wooden pallets are usually 120 x 100, but sometimes companies order pallets in different sizes. In any case, Iran Carton Plast Company has no limit on the size of Carton Plast divider and is ready to produce and provide the best quality in any color, thickness and grammage that the customer has ordered.

The four corners of these dividers can also be cut into semicircles so that they do not cause any damage to the package when packed in a stretch pallet.

In this way, we see that with this method of packing products, not only will we won’t have any empty space in the warehouse, even we can easily send and load products when sending products to customers or discussing exports.

Where can we get the price of carton plast?

For more information about the costs of our products, you can be informed about our prices by referring to the section (Carton Plast price), and if you need specialized advice, you can call +984433745146 and +989124666313.

If you are looking to buy Iran Carton Plast products, you can refer to the page (Where to buy).

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